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[Abstract]:Based on the questioning of Freud and the popular idea of repressed sex at that time, this paper attempts to clarify that sex is not suppressed, but is constantly regulated by people from health and population, through an extensive investigation of the prevailing sexual discourse at that time. Moral and other aspects have inspired a science of sexual experience. At the same time, Foucault believes that if one only sees sex suppressed, then the conclusion is to call for sexual liberation, which falls into the trap of the ruler. Combined with the lack of more theoretical support, the emancipation concept made in response to repression is pale and difficult to achieve substantial success. And Foucault believes that the science of sex shows a strong trend of morality and scientization. Therefore, Foucault further questions how sex can be moralized and scientific. In view of this problem, Foucault began to deal with ancient Greece. The sexual discourse of people in Rome and the Middle Ages has been studied and analyzed in more detail with the intention of showing how neutral behavior has become the object of moral evaluation and choice in the long history. In the study of Greece and Rome, Foucault saw that when sex was not subject to substantial constraints, people consciously formed a self-care for the body and the ethical pursuit of sex. At the same time, Foucault pointed out that sexual restraint was necessary. But the Christian era developed to confront the whole sex, so that sex has only one dimension of moralization, which is similar to the scientific nature mentioned by Foucault in the first volume. Moreover, the scientization of sex is more terrible than that of morality. Because the control of sex is more systematic. Through a series of discourse studies on sex, Foucault expresses that sex is not suppressed, but extreme, and people lose their choice of diversity. People seek sexual liberation either by the ruler's own liberation needs melt away, or liberate the new problems to cause reflection and return, it is difficult to make achievements. What needs to be done is, in an era of scientization and moralization of sex, to oppose ethics and science that oppose or regulate sex as a whole, recognizing that even if moral and scientific concessions are made to sex, it is only for the sake of better management and control, We must avoid falling into this trap, let sex be physiologically and artistically, and form a real force of confrontation.


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